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Kelly Scott

My user's keeper: why value to clinicians must be designed into health products

There is no shortage of new technology products in a rehabilitation setting, including apps and software, but having a good idea does not guarantee successful user adoption. We often talk about the “user’s needs”. But sometimes there are other groups, not necessarily your end users, whose needs are just as important to the success of your app or product. In the health world, success could rely on this understanding.

Clinicians play a key role in introducing and supporting new products. To understand this role, we explored in-depth their experiences and perspectives of using and implementing new technologies.

At the surface level, clinicians talked about cost, evidence supporting use, and practicalities of using new products. However, through deeper analysis of the data, we saw context, processes and values driving clinical decisions to introduce or support new products. Understanding this problem space gives the opportunity to use research to inform your design work, and see new paths to increase successful uptake of your product.

This talk will take you through an example of research with clinicians and present the value of in-depth qualitative research. It is particularly relevant for those who think they may have a complex relationship with their users, mediated by another group.