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Submissions close April 20

You'd like to share your story? Yay! Our aim is to grow the practice of UX in New Zealand, and we think this is best done by learning from each other, so thanks for being open to share. We’ve taken on your feedback from last year and have changed the format by making the workshops a bit longer.


This year we’re looking for:


  • Long presentations - 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions
  • Short presentations - 10 minutes

Workshops / Interactive sessions

  • 90 mins for 10-30 or 100 participants.

About our audience

Our audience is largely made up of other UX/Design/CX/SD practitioners, internal teams from corporate, government and product organisations, agencies and students. They like detailed presentations that give them practical learnings to take back to work.

Presentation topics

We want talks about user-centered design projects, processes and techniques, especially gnarly ones or ones that have delivered delight!

We want interactive sessions/workshops that share skills, tools or open discussion forums between practitioners.
They might be about (but aren’t limited to!)  the following:

  • Digital services
  • Design research
  • Service design and joined up experiences
  • Physical space design
  • Product design
  • Cross channel design
  • Case studies

Keeping it interesting

How can you keep the audience engaged and entertained? A day of talks can be hard work. We’ve learnt a bit from last year and are going to work on the pacing but what will you do? Will you have questions, an interactive part, voting, an enthralling story, a funny video?  

In your proposal to speak you will be asked how you plan to keep the audience engaged.

Who should speak?

Anyone with a story! We’re looking for a diverse range of speakers with good stories, we provide speaker coaching so don’t worry if you don’t have much speaking experience - we’ve got you.

We also offer $500 for a long presentation or workshop and $150 for a short one to offer you some reimbursement for your day off work and travel costs - this is paid by invoice after the conference.

How to submit a proposal to speak

We follow UX Australia's way of doing things, because we think they’ve done amazing things for the Australian UX community and practice.

  1. Submit your talk idea through submittable - from April 1-20
    This is an exciting proposal of what you want to talk about, not a full talk description. This will be reviewed by your peers and conference attendees. Rated and given feedback.
    This is a blind process, your name will be hidden in the submission.  
    You will need to sign up to our platform Submittable and follow the instructions there.
  2. Participate in the review process - May  
    As a ‘talk submitter’ you will also be asked to review and give feedback on other speakers ideas. These will then be compiled, edited and given back.  

What happens after you submit?

  1. Find out if you talk has been accepted - Mid-May
  2. Speaker coaching to plan the talk outline - beginning of June
  3. Continue speaker/presentation coaching through June / July
  4. Go for lunch with the other speakers
  5. Rehearsals in July before the conference
  6. Send an invoice post conference

Submissions close April 20

Submit a talk or workshop now!